12.16.2021 – The history we tell

The history we tell
today lays the groundwork for
the future we make

Adapted from the text in the article, Why are US rightwingers so angry? Because they know social change is coming, by Rebecca Solnit.

Ms. Solnit writes, “While their fear and dismay is often regarded as rooted in delusion, rightwingers are correct that the world is metamorphosing into something new and, to them, abhorrent.”

I can picture a not too far off future when an aging body of today’s right wing voters march on Washington to demand attention to Social Security issues and increases in funding from a US Congress that has a majority of members being people of color and or Hispanic origin.

Bills will be introduced to increase social security funding and benefits for these old right wingers.

I think there will be much satisfaction for many members of that Congress in voting no.

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