11.2.2021 – stopped before I

stopped before I
said I was Charlotte Bronte
in previous life

Readers of this ‘blog’ should be aware the on Saturday I enjoy a silly feature of the Guardian Newspaper titled, ‘Blind Date.’

Two unknowns agree to meet for a free meal at a London restaurant then they have to fill out a questionnaire on the date.

It is simple harmless fun for the most part.

I enjoyed this one very much.

The question asked was: What do you think he made of you?

Her response was: “He may think I’m not right in the head. I should’ve stopped before I said I was Charlotte Brontë in a previous life. In fact, I should’ve stopped after two drinks.

For his part, to the question, ‘Describe Laurine in three words‘, he responded, ‘Kind, introspective and hilarious.

While he did answer, ‘Childhood memories; the best film adaptation of Emma (Clueless); her belief that she’s the reincarnation of Charlotte Brontë; how she once laid a rose on Keats’s grave and shed a tear (sorry, Laurine, it was just too good)‘ to “What did you talk about?

To his credit, when asked, ‘Would you meet again?‘ he said, “Who wouldn’t? She’s a delight.

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