10.28.2021 – fearlessness of kids

fearlessness of kids
facing each wave after wave
fearlessly fearless

Louder than gulls the little children scream
Whom fathers haul into the jovial foam;
But others fearlessly rush in, breast high,
Laughing the salty water from their mouthes-
Heroes of the nursery.

Robert Graves – The Beach

Robert Graves or Robert von Ranke Graves (24 July 1895 – 7 December 1985) maybe more well known for his books on mythology that were all college reading lists but could be safely avoided as no Professor who ever include an exam question based on them.

From Wikipedia: Robert Graves was a British poet, historical novelist, critic, and classicist.

His father was Alfred Perceval Graves, a celebrated Irish poet and figure in the Gaelic revival; they were both Celticists and students of Irish mythology.

Graves produced more than 140 works in his lifetime.

His poems, his translations and innovative analysis of the Greek myths, his memoir of his early life- including his role in World War I – Good-Bye to All That, and his speculative study of poetic inspiration The White Goddess have never been out of print.

It was Mr. Graves who once said, “The remarkable thing about Shakespeare is that he really is very good, in spite of all the people who say he is very good.”

I like that.

But it is his quote on money and poetry that I will get on a T Shirt.

A T Shirt that I wouldn’t wear but I am not getting a tattoo so what can you do?

Anyway, Mr. Graves said, “There’s no money in poetry, but there’s no poetry in money, either.”

That suits me fine.

Part of a series based on afternoons spent at the beach on Hilton Head Island.

I wanted to see if I would be ‘inspired’ by what I saw, by what I heard, by what I smelled, by what I tasted, what I felt emotionally and what I felt tactilely.

Some turned out okay.

Some were too forced.

Some were just bad.

Some did involve some or all of those feelings.

As far as it goes, I guess I was inspired by by what I saw, by what I heard, by what I smelled, by what I tasted, what I felt emotionally and what I felt tactilely.

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