7.5.2021 – you are a blackguard

you are a blackguard,
liar, hypocrite, stench in
honest man nostrils

Maybe it is the way Henry Fonda says it but this is one of the best name-callings in all of the movies.

After Lieutenant Colonel Owen Thursday examines items for sale in the local reservation store, he says to the store manager, “Mr. Meacham, you’re a blackguard, a liar, a hypocrite… and a stench in the nostrils of honest men. If it were in my power…
I’d hang you from the nearest tree, leave your carcass for the buzzards.
But as you are a representative of the United States government…
I pledge you the protection and cooperation of my command.
Good day, sir.

Wish someone, anyone had the standing and the place and the nerve to say to this one feller much in the news today.

Not that I think he would understand it but it would be nice to hear someone say it to him.

From the Movie Fort Apache, with Henry Fonda and John Wayne, directed by John Ford, 1948.

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