6.4.2021 – wandered into my

wandered into my
local bookstore, dazed, joyful
touched all the book

Taken from The Age of Reopening Anxiety (What if we’re scared to go back to normal life?) by Anna Russel in The New Yorker.

Ms. Russell writes, “In London, the reopening of shops and other nonessential services has been like the lifting of a thick fog. I wandered into my local bookstore, dazed and joyful, and touched all the books, before seeing a sign asking customers not to touch the books.

On the one hand I say I know just how she feels.

On the other hand, I say it is comforting to know there are people like this, besides me, still out there.

(E Shaver Booksellers – Savannah, GA – Just off Madison Square – https://goo.gl/maps/X9EgNBZpsyfv22z78)

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