5.23.2021- Best thing about him?

Best thing about him?
Was very equanimous!
About her? Chose word

Okak, okay, okay.

I admit it.

I look forward each Saturday to reading the Blind Date feature in the Guardian.

The Guardian Newspaper sets up a blind date at a London area restaurant and then the two participants answer a list of questions about the date.

I like the descriptions of the restaurants and one of the questions is, Table Manners?

Lots of good answers here like “Outstanding. Unlike me, he ate the pizza with a knife and fork, and didn’t spill anything on himself.”

Also they are back in real restaurants now and not ordering ‘take away’ and meeting on Zoom.

The final question is “Would you meet again?

You get really great answers here.

Like, “Maybe if I was biking past him in the park, I would wave of course,” or, “For sure, we’re both in need of some pub exploration.”

I was struck by the column yesterday by the young lady’s response to the question, Best thing about him?

Her response was, “He was very equanimous.”

I have no idea when the questions about the date are asked.

I don’t know if they are talking on the phone with the reporter or if they are filling out an online questionnaire and have access to an online thesaurus.



Boy Howdy! How about that!

How would you like to be described by a word that you had to look up?

How would you like to be described by a word that you had to guess at its meaning.

My first guess was that it meant I was like a horse or had horse like qualities, what ever those might be.

Looking it up it means, possessing or displaying equanimity.

Which means possessing or displaying an evenness of mind especially under stress.

A calm dispositon.

I realized why I wasn’t familiar with the word.

No one has ever described me as possessing or displaying an evenness of mind especially under stress.

I had been described once as l lackadaisical.

When I looked a question at my teacher she looked me in the eye and said ‘goofy smart.’

We left it at that.

I remember once in a loud vocal Newsroom argument I made a strong defense of NOT doing something and someone pointed out that what I said could be considered ‘The Voice of Reason.’

To which someone else yelled, ‘When it comes down to Hoffman being the voice of reason, we know we are in trouble.’

But I digress.


What a great word.

Maybe that was the best thing about him.

The best thing about her, for me, was that she chose the word.

PS for the record, HIS answer to the Best thing about her was, ‘Beautiful eyes and an easy smile’.

Here you can read it for yourself.

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