3.1.2021 – faces first to last

faces first to last
massive intolerable
fact – conquered, undone

I have always admired the work and writing of HL Mencken.

Mr. Mencken stands alone in his work on American English as a language.

Through his work, his construction and vocabulary is a wonder to behold.

Then there is Mencken the man.

A man with many prejudices say some critics.

Not prejudiced, say others, he hated everyone and everything the same.

At least everything and anything that walked with pretention and falseness.

In the play about the Scopes Trial, ‘Inherit the Wind’, Gene Kelly, plays the reporter, HE Hornbeck, a role modeled after Mr. Mencken.

The Clarence Darrow character named Henry Drummond, played by Spencer Tracy, gets tired of Hornbeck and yells, “Hornbeck, I’m getting tired of you. You never push a noun against a verb without trying to blow up something.”

The point here is that I am going to work with Mr. Mencken.

I am going to look for his construction and vocabulary and see what kind of haiku might be fashioned.

This haiku is the first one in the Mencken Project.

Adapted from a Book of Prefaces and a comment on the writing of Joseph Conrad.

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