2.20.21 – sitting quietly

sitting quietly
book on the lap, turn a page
the sound of reading

Just back from the Beaufort County Library Bluffton Branch.

One of the first things I did when moving here was get my library card.

I own several ‘devices’ and I have 1,000s of books on those devices.

Still drawn to the library.

I know that library comes from the latin libros, the word for book.

But in my mind I prefer to believe that it comes from latin liber, the word for freedom.

That is one of the benefits of having a blog.

It’s my blog, my rules.





I like my tablets for reading.

I like that the reading surface is always at the same angle to my eyes, no curved pages, no text disappearing into the spine of the book.

I like to be able to adjust the fonts.

I like to be able to adjust the brightness.

I like the idea that I have 1,000s of books in my hand and can switch on a whim.

Still, in the back of my mind, there is a voice saying ‘you’re not reading ….’

Now I know that that is silly but there it is.

I like my tablets for reading.

But I still own books.

But I still go to bookstores.

But I still go to the library.

I went today.

Today I got the latest Louise Penny mystery and a history of Beaufort County South Carolina, 1514-1861. (Soooo predictable)

I got home.

I got wedged into a corner of sofa.

I had the book open on my lap and I started to read.

I changed position slightly every time I read to a new page.

And when I finished the page, I reached out and turned the page.

That sound.

That sound of turning pages that might just be the background sound to my life.

You don’t get that with a tablet do you.

The sound of reading.

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