2.14.2021 – came a melody

came a melody
in my heart, the sound of love
charles mingus’ bass


As one person said (and I wish I could find a citation as that always helps so the sake of this essay lets pretend I said this first) music will wake up your mind to know that there is something greater than what we see on the surface.

Fran Lebowitz, in an interview with Spike Lee on Music (arguing who was the greater artist, Duke Ellington or Michael Jordan) made the point that music makes you feel good – feel better – a drug without the down side – makes you happier and doesn’t harm.

I can’t argue.

For Valentine’s is there anything better to express feelings for someone in a way that there is more than what you see on the surface then through music?

For me it is easy to admit I have little to no musical ability or talent.

I am in awe or maybe just jealous of those with voice or instrumental ability.

BUT I can direct others to You Tube.

If it is music and it has been recorded sometime, somewhere, ever in history, you can listen to it on YouTube.

You can also find YouTube clips of a movie made on the Life of JS Bach.

There is a scene where the Emperor of Prussia Frederick the Great has Mr. Bach in for a grip and grin.

Much like the more famous scene in Amadeus where the Emperor Josef II of Austro-Hungary meeets Mozart and Mozart blows them away with his piano playing, Bach is offered up a short tune (written by Freddie the Great) and asked to improvise on it.

Those two Emperors could call in Bach and Mozart.

Who could do that?


I can.

I have access to music at my fingertips that any monarch or emperor or anyone in the past could only dream of.

With that in mind I offer up for Valentine’s this clip of Charles Mingus’ Duke Ellington’s Sound of Love” from the live album Sound of Love.

I was young and care free,
Not a song have found my soul,
Lost in blues jazz and rag time,
No sound had got to my muse…

I was searching for my melody,
Love blues that gets me ooh,

All alone, sad clown with a circus closed down,
Lost on my merry go round,

Came a melody in my heart,
So yearning…
Taught me to your music out of love,
From the song, for this life,
We all live infinite,
With our lover and beloved,
As one Ellington sound of love…

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