1.28.2021 – classic example

classic example
someone who rediscovers
joy on their own terms

I am not a fan or follower of the sport of gymnastics.

Like most of us I am aware of this sport every four years because the Olympics are on in my face.

That being said I am AMAZED and AWED by Simone Arianne Biles and have no problem saying she is the greatest athlete I have ever seen.

I also find it easier to believe that her routines are created in movie maker or photoshop as I cannot understand how a human body can be trained to do what she does.

Watching a floor exercise by Ms. Biles is like being at a fireworks display when you say WOW then WOW WOW then WOW WOW WOW then … just watch because you are out of wows.

So I was intrigued when a video filtered into the Information Highway that was billed as MUST SEE VIDEO – GYNMASTIC ROUTINE.

I was able to avert my eyeballs and not watch but this clip kept popping up in the oddest of places.

Not just the those link farms and such but New York Times, ESPN and Wired.

Today when it popped up on the Guardian I gave in and said OKAY lets see how great this was.

By the way you could tell I was reading a paper from Britain as the first line read “The latest entry in the surprisingly robust YouTube subgenre of viral college gymnastics routines dropped over the weekend, flooding timelines everywhere and generating national media attention rare for the parochial sport.”

Truly when I write I wish the words came out that way on their own.

But I digress.

It is a very very very cool clip.

It is NOT Ms. Biles and this is in no way a slam on Ms. Biles.

It IS Nia Dennis,

It is not the Olympics, where the world balance of good vs. … well, the other guys, hangs on every misstep.

This was college.

This was UCLA vs ASU.

This was … fun to watch.

It seems the sport in college is a lot differnet.

There are rules about Olympic Gymnastics.

The article stated “College gymnastics, which operates under different and more accessible rules than what you see in the Olympics, is a step down from the elite circuit, but the fewer difficulty requirements leave gymnasts more time (and stamina) for choreography and showmanship. The gulf between the two classes has only become more pronounced since Simone Biles came along and raised the bar for everyone: these days every single thing an Olympic gymnast does on the floor has to add difficulty. It’s almost a different sport altogether.

And, “There’s also a less restrained, more team-oriented culture in NCAA gymnastics that permits the athletes to express themselves more.”

If you watch the clip, watch the team and Ms. Dennis’ teammates.

They are having a good time.

They are having a great time.

This was … fun to watch.

Feeling this way it was also fun to read the article about Ms. Dennis.

Dennis, a former US national team member whose own dreams of competing in Rio were undone by an achilles injury.

The article talked about another gymnast at UCLA, Katelyn Ohashi

Ms. Ohashi had been “earmarked for Olympic stardom as a 14-year-old junior gymnast before injuries and burnout intervened.”

Ms. Ohashi, the article said, is a classic example of someone who rediscovered the joy of enjoying the sport on her own terms.

Ms. Dennis is following the same path according the article, but, doing it her own way.

Rediscovering joy your own way.

Can there be a better meme?

All together now, “BOY! HOWDY!”

Okay so maybe you never lost your joy so there is no need to rediscover it and that is great and I am happy for you.

But for everyone else in the room the chance to rediscover joy on your own terms?

Not by following a book or a plan but your own terms!

Recent changes in my life have let me rediscover so much joy.

And life is letting me do it my way.

So much to be happy about.

So much to enjoy.

I am just glad to be along for the ride.

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