1.12.2021 – water is taught by thirst

water is taught by thirst
land by the oceans passed
peace by battles told

Stolen shamelessly from Emily Dickinson and her short poem;

Water, is taught by thirst.
Land — by the Oceans passed.
Transport — by throe —
Peace — by its battles told —
Love, by Memorial Mold —
Birds, by the Snow.

I am not sure what it means.

Most likely, like any passing view or shadow, its meaning can change with the day.

Today I want to say it means that you won’t miss it until it is gone, then you will miss it a lot.

Miss what?

Well, whatcha got?

I miss this country.

Or at least the mirage of civility this county used to display.

Maybe it was a mirage.

Maybe it was a hypocrisy.

But it was a useful hypocrisy.

Now as Mr. Wonka says, you can’t go back – go to go on to go back.

Water is taught by thirst.

Civility maybe is taught by the lack of it.

Or at least I hope so.

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