12.30.2020 – BC back in time

BC back in time
But CDE? What?

I grew up with dates being BC or AD.

As in April 24, 2020 AD.

BC meant before the birth of Christ.

AD meant after the death of Christ.

I later learned that AD meant Anno Domini or In the Year of Our Lord or time since the birth of Christ.

Then CE and BCE crept into my reading.

CE meant Christian Era and BCE meant Before the Christian Era.

Or so I thought.

Common Era and Before the Common Era are the other accepted meanings for these abbreviations.

It all comes come to the same time.

Marking the year 0 and the time before the year zero and the time after.

There are also terms of time that refer to specific time spans.

Pax Romana which lasted from 27 BC to 180 AD.

Pax Britannica which lasted from 1815 and 1914.

The Elizabethan Era from 1558 to 1603.

Such terms and phrases are reserved for periods of great historical importance or in recognition of the giant personality on the world stage.

CDE has popped up in my reading over the last couple days.


I tired to puzzle it out.

Charles Darwin Era?


Centro de Documentación Europea?


It has been in a lot of the stories about the NFL Football Draft.

Turns out it stands for, the Common Draft Era.


That era.

The time since the NFL and AFL merged into one megalith NFL that was so super, they had to play a Super Bowl.

I was living in the CDE and never knew it.

Time marches on and waits for no man.

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