12.2.2020 – waiting in an age

waiting in an age
believes in symptoms, malaise
wonder what might be

Location as the feller says is everything.

I feel that way when it applies to the flow of a news broadcast.

If you watch the evening news there will be a story the headlines unemployment, need for rent relief, food lines and the inability for our Government to think there might be a need for some kind of aid.

The next story in line to be presented for consideration will headline the failure of consumer spending, the down size ‘black-friday’ and the lack of a big-spending ‘cyber-mondey’ and how this will all negatively impact the recovery.

And there will be no comment, commentary or even recognition of these two stories being back to back.

I am not saying Post Hoc Propter Hoc but rather the juxtaposition of the two stories.

Gosh if those poor people just got off there lazy butts and spent some money on unneeded Christmas gifts we could get out of this mess and help those poor people.

I am reminded of a story of Frank Lloyd Wright, concerned over the plight of architecture in Washington, DC got some office time with President Franklin Roosevelt.

“Mr. President,” said Mr. Wright, “If you would get out of that chair and walk down Pennsylvania Ave. and see what is going on, you would put a stop to it!”

Mr. Wright received no further office time from President Roosevelt.

It sure seems like we are sick.

Sick of lots of things.

Sick for lots of reasons.

So we wait.

It will soon be a new administration.

But the same old Congress.


You bet!




About the best news out of Washington these days concerns the current President’s effort to contest the election.

As I understand it, the President is relying, relying heavily, on the advice of … wait for it … his lawyer.

If that doesn’t make you smile.

Almost Greek tragedy in its appropriateness for the moment.

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