11.5.2020 – counting counted counts

counting counted counts
one loser but one winner
no prize for second

I remember a conversation in a newsroom somewhere sometime.

In 20 years of online news I have been in a lot of news rooms on election night.

The point was put forward that election day was not at all like a sporting event or football game.

When you watch a football game, the story emerges as you watch.

Both teams start at zero and try to score points and the game goes on.

While it seems that way when watching election returns, that one candidate the other has successful plays and score touchdowns and adds more points.

But it is not like that.

The scores are all made.

The points are all scored.

The points just have to be totaled up.

For the sports analogy, we are watching a replay of the game.

Nothing can add or subtract from the points already scored.

No one surges ahead like a last minute touchdown drive to win a game.

We do not know what the total is but the game is over.

All over but the counting.

In the paraphrased words of President Bill Clinton in 2000, the people have spoken … now we have to figure out what they said.

But thinking of sports I am reminded of Olympic Gold Medal events.

Events were two teams play each other for Olympic Gold.

Boxing, Basketball, Hockey and other head to head competitions where the field is down to two teams or two athletes and they compete against each other for the Gold.

It’s the only time where the loser gets a medal.

Think about it.

In swimming, track, or other such events, there have been thrilling battles for 2nd place.

The Silver Medal IS an accomplishment.

But for some sports 2nd place, the Silver Medal, IS first loser.

You lost.

You lost the Gold Medal.

You get the Silver.

<p value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80">Oh boy!Oh boy!

I remember they used to play a basketball game between the two teams that lost in the first round of the Final Four.

This lasted until, as one coach put it, the NCAA mercifully ended the tradition.

But I digress.

The counting goes on.

We will have a winner.

We will have a loser.

And the loser doesn’t even get a Silver Medal.

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