9.12.2020 – most reckless action

most reckless action
perpetuated in the name
of college football

Christine Brennan of USA TODAY, a writer I like and not just because she is a Michigan Fan, wrote today in her article, I love college football but just can’t watch amid COVID-19 concerns, In what has to be the riskiest roll of the dice in the history of college sports, 76 universities, many of them in the South and Southwest, are embarking on the most reckless action ever perpetuated on college campuses in the name of athletics, pressing on with their quest to play football in the middle of a pandemic.

Ms. Brennan states, “The worst thing you’ll be able to say about those schools is that they were too cautious about the health of their student-athletes.

What’s the worst thing you’ll be able to say about the schools that allowed football and other sports to continue? That answer will come in a few months.

But at the moment, what we do know is that the dozens of schools playing football have no idea if by allowing fall sports to be played, they will bring illness, hospitalization and even death to their campuses and communities. They can’t know what they will unleash. They’re just guessing and hoping.”

For longer than there has been a pandemic I have been suffering from a near-terminal case of Harbaugh.

I even talked my Doctor (a Notre Dame Grad but here in the south, what you going to do) to put ‘Suffers from Harbaugh’ on my official Medical Record.

That being said, I like Jimmy “I lost the Brown Jug” (in case he thinks I forgot about Rickey Foggie and Lou Hotlz’s one year with the Golden Gophers) Harbaugh.

And I understand, if not Jimmy then … who?

I don’t think His Evilness Urban Myer will come out of retirement but I would … well …

So I resigned to being good but not great.

And the only real goals left for me as a Michigan fan is to be 1) The first team to 1,000 wins (sometime now in 2024) and 2) not let Ohio State pass us in all time wins in the Michigan – Ohio State series … in my lifetime (58-51-6) so they got to grind out a few wins in the next 8 years.

So what do I have to say?

I agree with Ms. Brennan.

Michigan Football was here before I was born and will be here after I die someday.

I feel the pandemic is real.

I feel we can take time to pause and be safe.

I can wait.

And, as Coach Schembechlor said, “Those who remain will be Champions.”

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