9.7.2020 – eternal whispers

eternal whispers
glooms, the birth, life, death, unseen
of flowers, thoughts, dreams

Adapted from the lines:

O THOU, whose mighty palace roof doth hang
From jagged trunks, and overshadoweth
Eternal whispers, glooms, the birth, life, death
Of unseen flowers in heavy peacefulness;

From the poem, Endymion, (Book I), by John Keats (1795-1821).

A famous poem in its time and beyond that time but today may be most identifiable by the poem’s first line, A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.

That is the line quoted by Willie Wonka or, Gene Wilder any way, when Mr. Wonka leads the troop of tourists up to the WonkaMobile.

I am also told that Julie Andrews, in the role of Mary Poppins, quotes the line after pulling a live potted plant out of her bag.

Endymion is the brain sick shepherd prince who ventures into the underworld in search of his love.

Today Endymion would not need to venture into the underworld to find the place where:

Eternal whispers, glooms, the birth, life, death
Of unseen flowers in heavy peacefulness;

Endymion would find that any where and every where he might travel in and over the world today.

In this time of the extended Month of March that has lasted from March to Labor Day due to the coronavirus, I feel the eternal whispers, glooms, the birth, life, death of not just unseen flowers but of any and almost all thoughts and dreams.

This is the era come back of Jimmy Carter’s Malaise Speech when Mr. Carter said, “all the legislation in the world can’t fix what’s wrong with America. What is lacking is confidence and a sense of community.”


Sense of Community?

Not just lacking but overwhelmed by the eternal whispers of glooms, the birth, life, death.

I am reminded if the old joke,”Why are New Yorkers so gloomy?”

The light at the end of the tunnel is New Jersey.

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