8.31.2020 – put on habits and

put on habits and
habiliments of age, or stay
invincibly young

As Brendan Gill of the New Yorker wrote in the forward to his book, Late Bloomers (Artisan, New York NY, 1996) . . .

The moment in time at which we discover, whether through an event dictated by forces outside ourselves or by seemingly spontaneous personal inside, some worthy means of fulfilling ourselves.

The age at which we make this discover is an irrelevance.

The process of growing up, like the process of growing old, is various and unpredictable.

Some people in their forties have already put on the habits and habiliments of age, other people in their eighties are invincibly young

They are people who at whatever and under whatever circumstance have succeeded in finding themselves.

As someone who people have waited lifetimes to see grow up, I have gotten older, my drivers license says so, but I would still rather eat the dessert first just to be sure I had room left over before I started eating dinner.

Various and unpredictable would describe my process of growing up.

I am getting old in the regular way at least.

But in my heart …

Invincibly young sounds okay to me.

Have I found myself?

Stick around and I will let you know.

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