8.25.2020 – to write funny things

to write funny things
about the conventions
just write what happened

Will Rogers wrote, “I started going to conventions because editors were willing to pay me to write funny things about convention goings‐on. That’s funny. All a fellow has to do to write something funny about a convention is just write what happened.

The Poet Lariat of America also said, “In the Five times I have appeared before President Wilson I have used dozens of these same jokes, about him.

And he has the best sense of humor and is the best audience I ever played too.

Which bears out the theory I work on, that you can always joke about a big Man that is really big.

But don’t ever kid about the little fellow that thinks he is something, cause he will get sore.

That’s why he’s little.

Well, folks, all I know is what I read in the papers.

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