8.18.2020 – The truth about toilets

The truth about toilets
certain level of pretence
all have to use them

A part of the book Forrest Gump that didn’t make it into the movie was the repetition of the phrase, “I got to pee.”

From Forrest’s first High School Football awards banquet to his campaign for United States Senator (more scenes from the book that didn’t make it to the movie) Forrest finds himself in front of a crowd and blurting out, “I got to pee!”

The missing campaign for Senate always bothered me.

Especially as the silly running back and forth across the county WAS NOT in the book.

The phrase, “I GOT TO PEE” became the meme of his campaign.

It took over the election dialogue to the point that Forrest’s opponent for Senate had to make a speech where he proclaimed, “I GOT TO PEE TOO!”

My life has been a life lived having to pee, waiting to pee, worrying about where I would be able to pee and NEVER EVER talking about it.

And I cannot understand why?

Everyone has too pee.

So what is the big deal about not admitting it?

One summer on a family trip across the upper peninsula of Michigan, I had to pee.

I was maybe 9 or 10 years old.

I was sitting in the front seat of the station wagon where my Dad had the air conditioning one full blast.

Boy did I have to pee.

My Dad pulls into this little UP gas station with a RESTROOM sign on the corner with an arrow pointing around back.

I was out of the car and around the corner in about 2 seconds.

Ran so fast everything was a blur.

I was thrilled that there were RESTOOMS, not the roadside latrines I was expecting.

I hit that door, pushed it open, slammed it shut behind me, locked the door and relieved myself as they say.

Then I heard my brothers voices.

I could hear them through the wall.

I couldn’t understand where they were.

They had to be in the other restroom.

Then I distinctly heard my brother Tim say, “where do you think Mike is?”

I figured out where I was.

And I wasn’t in the Men’s Room.

But enough about that.

I was struck by this story in today’s Gaurdian.

Tokyo’s public toilets may be transparent – but at least they’re building some.

If the headline doesn’t get you, the photo should.

And they next time you got to pee, remember this.

So does everybody else.

As the article states, “What’s more interesting about those Tokyo toilets is that they were commissioned in the first place. A city authority that spends money on public toilets? To anyone in the UK or US, this is an extraordinary concept.”

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