7.15.2020 – hidden derangements

hidden derangements
abnormal psychology
of national mood

Today’s haiku is not based on what you might be thinking.

It comes from an article written in Forbes Magazine in 1948 by one of the Forbes editors, Lawrence Lessing.

Mr. Lessing was writing about the State of Florida.

He wrote, “Florida is a study in abnormal psychology, useful in signaling the hidden derangements of the national mood.

I came across the quote in an article about Florida and Covid-19.

The author, Geoffrey Kabaservice, of the article, “I’m from Florida. Our coronavirus crisis doesn’t surprise me” states, “A lot of bad trends in American life find their most bizarre and refined forms in the Sunshine state, which is why “Florida Man” has become shorthand for the bad behavior of too many state residents. As far as the present pandemic is concerned, the simplest and most convincing explanation for why Florida is experiencing an explosion of Covid-19 cases it that it is an extreme case of the broader American failure to take the pandemic seriously.”

Mr. Kabaservice ends his article with a short vignette of a couple who had just visited Disney World in Orlanado.

The couple told interviewers that, “was the first thing that made us feel like we could leave our house and still feel safe.”

And why did they feel safe, they were asked.

“It’s Disney!”

As Frank Lloyd Wright would say, “There you are.”

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