7.1.2020 – anger, emotions

anger, emotions
adolescence, foolishness
pursue my purpose

I ran across these words in an interesting article in the Detroit News (For 34 years, Greg Harden has been Michigan student-athletes’ ‘miracle worker) about Greg Harden, retiring University of Michigan associate athletic director for athletic counseling.

In the interview, Mr. Harder said, ““I was taking unnecessary risk fueled by anger and emotions and adolescence and foolishness, but at 25, I knew life had some purpose,” Harden said.

“All of a sudden, I had to figure out what was it.

I’m like, ‘OK, I’ve lived to see 25, there must be something I’m supposed to do.

I need to figure it out.’ Well guess what my first purpose was?

To pursue my purpose.

And that is the simplest way to help people who are lost.

I don’t have a purpose?

Yes, you do.

Your first purpose is pursue, examine, test, investigate, experiment, stumble and fall and get back up and try different things to figure out what fits.








get back up

try different things

figure out what fits

Mr. Harden writes that that was him at 25.

That is me at 60.

Well, almost 60.

Days away now.

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