6.28.2020 – all born with genius

all born with genius
inner voice listening stops
lose our paths access

There are icons in life.

Images and such that are iconic.

The word gets used way too often and too often applied inappropriately.

An aspect of iconic for me is something is such a part of life that it is difficult to imagine someone came up with the idea or design in the first place.

How else might a typewriter keyboard been designed but the way it is right now under my finger tips.

Didn’t Moses bring the 1st keyboard down from the mountain top?

For me, an example of an iconic design is the classic I ❤ NY.

I am so used to it, I always thought it existed.

Never gave it a second thought.

Turns out it was designed back in 1975 as part of an effort to help revive the city of New York when the city went through a chapter 13.

Turns out it was designed … YES I USED THE WORDS DESIGNED … by a graphic artist named Milton Glaser.

He did the work for the campaign PRO BONO.

Can the amount of earnings Mr. Glaser gave up even be calculated?

But you cannot judge success at the moment of creation can you.

An article in The Guardian about Mr. Glaser says of the logo, “the type and the heart symbol work together, so successful. It also went with a strong sense of humanity and ethics.

Sorry to say that the article I read about this was Mr. Glaser’s obituary.

Mr. Glaser was quoted as saying, “We are all born with genius,” he said. “It’s like our fairy godmother. But what happens in life is that we stop listening to our inner voices, and we no longer have access to this extraordinary ability to create poetry.”

I love this.

It’s a perfect warning for today.

Don’t stop listening to our inner voices.

Those voices who aren’t reminding us that we need to climb Mt. Everest, but those voices that remind us to get up, go to work, pay the bills, and do other feats of ordinary greatness.

Do not stop listening and do not lose access to this extraordinary ability to create poetry on a daily basis.

I am sorry it was Mr. Glaser’s passing that brought it my attention.

Grateful that it did.

Grateful also for the last line in his Obit.

“None of us really has the ability to understand our path,” Mr. Glaser said, “until it’s over.”

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