6.10.2020 – Iced tea? Sweet Tea!

Iced tea? Sweet Tea!
Drinking Champagne of the South
Glass of Summertime

I hit the big time today.

Well, for the Atlanta area anyway.

My friends at Atlanta & Company, seen on 11Alive in Atlanta, asked me about writing a haiku for National Iced Tea Day.

Happy to help, I composed and sent off two possibilities.

The one that was not chosen read:

glass of tea on ice
summertime to sip slowly
the taste of sunshine

The other was today’s haiku.

It was read ON AIR today so hopefully nearly six million people heard my haiku.

At least the potential was there to be heard by six million people.

Back in the day old Braniff Airlines launched their The Flying Colors of the United States’ and had three planes painted by Alexander Calder.

At one time it was decided that these planes were the most viewed works of art in the history of the world.

That included anyone who happened to be in New York City when one of these jets flew overheard, I guess.

They might not have noticed the paint job, BUT the potential was there.

Neither here nor there but I understand the plane painted red, white and blue and dedicated by Betty Ford as a bicentennial event back in 1975 was blown up in making the movie, Bad Boys.

So much for flying art.

So the 6 million people of Atlanta had the chance to hear one of my haikus.

How cool is that?

Was I disappointed that my friend Christine did not recite the poem?

To be honest?

Well ….


I love Trent, don’t get me wrong.

But to have Christine reading my Haiku over the airways?

I already have her penciled in for the audio version of, “Live Happy! Go for the Bronze: The collected Haiku’s of James Aaaron.” (My pen name).

But that’s down the road a bit.

Though the hard copy version of the book is #3 in Germany right now.

Thank you all at Atlanta & Company for the moment.

I hope I did not disappoint.

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