4.16.2020 -tired spot within

tired spot within
tired spot
nothing touches
the spot sleep can’t reach

With the anniversary of his death, I must be thinking about Mr. Lincoln.

Many personal accounts of Mr. Lincoln quote him talking about how tired he was.


How tired he was, but that he had a tired spot that sleep could’t reach.

A tired spot nothing touches.

One quotes him as saying, “nothing could touch the tired spot within, which was all tired.”

I am a tired man,” Mr. Lincon told one visitor. “Sometimes I think I am the tiredest man on earth.”

“It is a great relief to get away from Washington and the politicians,” Lincoln told his journalist friend Noah Brooks while reviewing troops before the battle of Chancellorsville, in May of 1863. “But nothing touches the tired spot.”

Another time Noah Brooks suggested to the President that he needed rest, Mr. Lincoln replied, “I suppose it is good for the body. But the tired part of me is inside and out of reach.”

IN NO WAY can I compare to myself to Mr. Lincoln.

All I want to do is latch on to his wording.

That tired spot sleep can’t reach.

That tired spot sleep can’t touch.

Right now I should be getting more sleep than I have in years.

My alarm clock is set to 6:45AM and not 5:15AM.

I am able to stay up a little later.

But that tired spot.

That tired spot sleep can’t reach.

That tired spot sleep can’t touch.

Even my old friend Mr. Coffee can’t get me on top of this.

It is the longest wait for the 2nd shoe to drop.

My old old pal anxiety is along for the Covid-19.

Again, I understand that this is stupid.

So I am anxious.

So what?

Who isn’t?

Why should I be anxious about things I can’t do anything about.

Why should I be anxious about things I can’t even understand?

But I also understand that not understanding why I am anxious is what makes anxiety anxiety.

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