3.30.2020 – obsessive madness

obsessive madness
read, watch everything or avoid
news completely

If you like Pete the Cat (and you should, or is it a Georgia Thing?) you will LOVE First Dog on the Moon.

Don’t miss today’s Obsessively consuming every morsel of information about coronavirus? Or trying to avoid the news completely? (The headline of which inspired today’s haiku).

I am tired of this news cycle and I am beginning to question the global over reaction.

I am suspecting that this pandemic is related to the first global danger in the social media, insta-news era.

I am reminded of an article I read about the ‘British Enclave’ in Hollywood during the 30’s.

The detailed the life and times of the group of actors and actresses from Great Britain that had relocated to California.

The article related how one actor, I want to say C. Aubrey Smith, but maybe Henry Stephenson or maybe someone else altogether.

It was noted about the actor that the only paper he would believe was the Times of London.

And not just the Times but the SUNDAY TIMES.

As the Sunday Times was published only on Sunday and then had to be shipped over from London, the feller was always about two weeks behind.

Something appealing for some reason.

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