3.14.2020 – coronavirus

said backward, needle reversed
turn me on dead man

If you say CORONAVIRUS backwards, you can hear the phrase, “turn me on deadman.”


This haiku is a test.

This is only a test.

This is only a test for the people who know.

How many themes can you find hidden in this Haiku?


Not Olympic records but music, long playing albums and 45’s.

Record played with a diamond needles.

Hidden messages in records.

Playing records backwards by spinning the turntable manually.

If you could, place the tone arm, as it was called, so the needle was reversed OR just leave it and hope you didn’t wreck the needle.

Possibly the most famous ‘hidden message’ was in the Beatle’s White Album.

In the song, Revolution 9, the words, “number 9, number 9, number 9”, are repeated over and over.

If played backwards in the manner described above, you heard the secret message, “Turn Me on Deadman, Turn me on Deadman.”

You heard about this as a rumor at school.

You tried it home.

It worked!


It was thrilling and hilarious.

You tried it all your other albums to find hidden messages.

You wrecked the needle on your record player.

You bragged at school that you heard the message but it wrecked your needle.

If you were REALLY cool you said “stylus” instead of “needle”.

Sermons in churches were based on these hidden messages.

Paul was dead.

Paul wasn’t dead just facing backwards on Sgt. Pepper.

I have never been to England, but I kinda like the Beatles.

My sister Mary screaming “THERE HE IS”, when Paul walked on stage with John Lennon to accept a Grammy.

And people think iPhones are cool.

Go figure.

Help me out, what did I miss?

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