2.19.2020 – Beg your pardon? But …

Beg your pardon? But …
suspension of disbelief
You see his new clothes?

I don’t agree much with the current President.

But I feel I have to cut him some slack.

Mr. Sam Rayburn, a past man of house, advised new members of Congress to ‘Vote their District.’

Mr. Trump, if nothing else, has the support of his core electorate.

I am not in that core.

I should not expect to approve of what he does or says.

I should not and I do not.

It is what it is.

But these pardons.

Are you kidding me?

My wife asked with everything else, why was I so worked up over these pardons?

Like I said, I can understand most of what Mr. Trump does.

It’s politics.

But Rod Blagojevich?

That is just dumb.

S T O O O P I D.

If there was one case.

If there was one person.

One person that the collective country as a whole would point at and say ‘UNCLEAN’.

One person who truly deserved his punishment.

I would have said Rod Blagojevich.

I do not suffer fools gladly.

Mr. Trump makes dumb and foolish political decisions but they are still part of politics.

This is just dumb and foolish.

This is running around naked and saying, “look at my new suit.”

Sorry but I don’t see the suit and sorry but I am not sorry.

I can see no purpose to this but to piss people off and thumb his nose not at just his detractors but at every single person in this country.

Fiction writers strive to bring readers to suspend their disbelief and accept the story being told by the writer.

I have to suspend my disbelief as Mr. Trump runs around naked.

I cannot accept he is wearing the new suit.

Michael Corleone said it best in the movie, The Godfather.

Michael got Carlo to confess that he had sold out the Family and set up Sonny.

Michael tells Carlo, “But don’t keep saying you’re innocent; it insults my intelligence and makes me angry.”

That is where I am.

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