2.11.2020 – day long drip drip drip

day long drip drip drip
clouds to roof, through the ceiling
buckets by my door

Plumber once told me that he had to remember three things.

Payday was friday.

Don’t chew your fingernails.

Water flows downhill.

Keep those three things in mind and you can succeed as a plumber.

I have been reminded of water flowing downhill for the last week or more.

Been raining so long the roof of my building is full.

Leaks, previously unknown, are making their presence known all around me.

Drip Drip Drip.

I work in the online world.

I am surrounded by cutting edge technology.

And buckets.

I pretend that the building was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Wright’s buildings were famous for bad roofs.

One home owner wrote about his FLW designed house, “The roof design itself had some interesting design issues that almost guaranteed water penetration.”

On the other hand, another FLW home owner wrote about their leaky roof, “that is what happens when you leave a work of art out in the rain.”

Drip Drip Drip.

All day long.

Guaranteed water penetration.

I like that.

In my techno world, it fits.

No leaks here.

Lots of guaranteed water penetration.

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