2.7.2020 – Humiliate, don’t!

Humiliate, don’t!
Humility, live; avoid

It all begins with humble.

Humble the adjective.

Not proud or haughty : not arrogant or assertive according to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Solomon wrote (maybe), When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.
(Proverbs 11:2)

I would like to think I live with humility.



To paraphrase Mr. Churchill, I have much to be humble about.

Such knife edge differences in the words.

Such knife edge differences in the actions.




All begins with humble.

I am not sure what comes to me when I humiliate anyone.

Remembering times when I did makes my stomach hurt and my skin crawl.

And I remember.

I hope the persons involved on the other end don’t.

I guess that is why its called scarring.

Humiliation is awful.

According to Wikipedia, ‘A study by researchers at the University of Michigan revealed that “the same regions of the brain that become active in response to painful sensory experiences are activated during intense experiences of social rejection.” In other words, humiliation and isolation are experienced as intensely as physical pain.’

Maybe more awful is that it is so often self inflicted.

In so so many ways.

I think of ways to feel humiliation.

To feel humiliated.

Humiliation is supposed to result from a deliberate act by a person to belittle someone.

To often, most often, that person, is me.

The humiliation is in my mind.

That doesn’t make any less real.

I am humiliated that I need to use the bathroom.

Is that stupid or what?

Felt that way most of my life.

As a little kid.

As a big kid.

As an adult [sic].

I can stop at a public rest area off the freeway and I stop TO walk around JUST TO STRETCH MY LEGS.

“OH LOOK,” I think, “there is a restroom. Well, since I am here, I might as well use it.”


The secret is, EVERYONE HAS TO PEE.

Get over it Mike.

Lately, I have.

I laugh at myself.

I know the secret.

Everyone has to pee.

If I were King, I would make a proclamation.


And let it go at that.

Here is the point.

I know this example, while real, is comical, compared to other things over which I punish myself with self humiliation.

But there is a response to this.

Comical as it might sound, the answer might be the same to a lot of those other things.

I have to remember always, everyone has to pee.

[sic] from the latin sic erat scriptum, or ‘thus was it written’ or, ‘as it understood’. Use of [sic] made famous by the student newspaper of Georgia Tech whenever referring to University of Georgia in print, IE: University of Georgia [sic].

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