1.19.2020 – Quiet of Morning

Quiet of Morning
A Sunday Morning Quiet
hear taste of coffee

At some point in my Sunday Morning my thoughts turn to coffee.

Lazing in bed.

Get up or not get up.

Coffee thoughts enter my thinking.

I can’t turn those thoughts off.

I wish I had set up the coffee maker the night before.

I want a cup of coffee.

A mug of coffee.

A big mug of coffee.

On weekends, when I don’t need that caffeine fix right off the bat I fill my mug half full of milk and microwave it for a minute to make a cafe au lait.

But to do that I need the coffee.

It is quiet when I get up.

More quiet or quieter on a Sunday.

Just plain still.

Coffee maker set up, I press the on button and it beeps at me with an electronic squeak that is far too harsh for the morning.

Same thing for the three beeps of the microwave when the milk is ready.

I sit and I wait.

Waiting though the clunk and hiss and drip of the coffee maker.

Waiting for that final scowwwwwwwwwwwwwww when the coffee maker blows of the last bit of water as steam.

Waiting for that beep beep beep that signals the coffee its ready.

The sounds of morning coffee.

I can hear the taste.

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