1.18.2020 – bang, bang, bang-bang-bang

bang, bang, bang-bang-bang
middle of the night gunshots
get out of Dodge time

It was the night before any other day and all through the house.

Not a creature was stirring.

Not even me, which for an old guy, sleeping through the night, is pretty good.

Then the sound of gunshots, two then three in a row from outside but close by woke up everybody around 3AM.

Lauren, my oldest daughter, who is fearless ran outside to see what was going on.

Fearless but thoughtful, she stuck a meat cleaver in the pocket of her robe just in case.

If you can imagine a young lady, 8 months pregnant, in a flowing robe and slippers carrying a meat cleaver, outside at 3AM, you get the picture.

Her report was that the nieghbors heard someone banging on their back door, then the gunshots and the sound of a car driving away.

She added that the cops were on the way.

Understand that this is the quietest of quiet nieghborhoods.

Filled with families with children and dogs and mini vans.

An incredible diverse community of White, Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, and Euro families.

My wife and I walk daily no matter how cold it gets and I am talking below 40 even 35 degrees sometimes.

We felt safe.

Not this morning.

I want to feel safe and I want my wife to feel safe and I want my family to feel safe.

What am I to do?

Buy a gun myself?

For those of you who know me, say out loud, “Mike with a gun in his hands.”

Admit it.

You laughed.

You laughed out loud.

Things … happen to me.

In the book, The Haunted Bookshop, Mrs. Mifflin says about 19 year old girls, “The don’t react, they explode!”

Things around me, well, they explode.

Believe me, if I had a gun in my hands, the only place anyone should be is behind me, and even then I am not so sure.

Its a long way between feeling safer and me with a gun.

I am always trying to find the humor.

But this wasn’t funny.

Is the answer when a car pulls up at house, everyone inside is stationed at a window with wooden shutters pierced by loopholes and a half dozen rifles are trained on the car.

The person in the car can hear the clicks of rifle hammers being pulled back.

Wait, that’s from the Daniel Boone show.

Last night was not TV.

It was real.

I don’t know.

Time to get out of Dodge I guess.

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