December 31 – At end of the year

At end of the year
At end of this last decade
where are my footprints?

Paging through a book on Mount Everest, I came across these two photos taken by Edmund Hillary.

The 1st photo was of the summit ridge, the path to the top of Mount Everest.

Hillary was within 300 feet of the top.

When Hillary took the photo, no one in recorded history had walked there before.

The 2nd photo is the same shot but a couple of hours later.

Pretty much the same view, but for one thing.


Fifty years ago footprints were also left on the Moon.

From the last year, from the last decade, where are my footprints?

My thoughts immediately go where, but to the beach.

10 years ago, I had never heard of Tybee.

Yesterday, when Leslie and I had a day to ourselves, I asked her, “Why AREN’T we going to Tybee?”

Left lots of footprints.

All them, washed away in seconds.

I am okay with that.

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