December 15 – rarely opened up

rarely opened up
memories filled drawers
follow forever

I wrote the other day about my room mate, Doug, who in college put much effort into creating cassette tapes of his favorite songs.

Doug got in touch with me to let me know, he still had those tapes in a shoebox somewhere.

Understand, these tapes were created in 1983.

Hard to believe, but almost 40 years ago.

Since then we had moved out of that apartment in Ann Arbor.

Doug took a job and moved to Washington, DC, got married, moved several more times and now lives in New Mexico.

And this shoebox moved right along with him.

A shoebox filled with memories.

In the corner of my workroom (now filled with Grand Kidz toys) is an old dental tool cabinet that belonged to my Grand Father,

It’s old drawers are packed full.

Packed full of memories.

Randomly open the drawers and you might see:

A number 13 pool ball that sat on my desk when I worked at WZZM13. The pool ball is one of the original set that came with the pool table my Father bought from old pool hall in Grand Rapids.

A baseball stamped ‘OFFICAL BALL MIDWEST LEAGUE’ that I got at a West Michigan White Caps game when a player during warm ups in the outfield got tired of the drunken bums razing him from the bleachers and he turned and threw that ball at them. My son Frank says to me, “I didn’t know you could get a ball that way!”

A bunch of wooden show pins with the kids name wood burned onto them that we got at the Dutch Village.

Keys to old locks.

Along with assortment of photographs, knick knacks, birthday cards and bits of history that themselves are keys to locks on old memories.

Understand that since getting married, we have moved about 10 times with a move from Michigan to Georgia added in.

This stuff is still there.

Most likely a lot of will make the next move as well.

I am getting to the age where my memory isn’t what it used to be.

About myself, I used to quote the line from Citizen Kane, “I remember everything that ever happened to me. That’s my curse.”

But not anymore.

No control over that.

I do have control over the memories stored away in drawers.

I will keep those as long as I can.

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