December 13 – carpooling commute

carpooling commute
driving to work with Ludwig
Where does the time go?

Wandering down the information superhighway, I came across a folder labeled “Complete Beethoven Piano Trios”.

I downloaded the folder and added the contents to my iPhone and forgot about it.

Commuting to downtown Atlanta everyday and back home again, I yell at my phone, ‘Hey Siri, play music!”

Siri answers, “Playing all songs, shuffled.”

These Beethoven Piano Trios showed up in the mix.

I had never heard these pieces before that I was aware of.

Where had this music come from?

It was like finding a book from a favorite author that had never been published.

They may be great.

I don’t know.

They are FUN to listen to.

That I do know.

Energy, excitement flows from the music into my brain.

I can’t say I know much about music or music theory or what makes great music.

I have little to no musical talent of my own.

I have no sense of rhythm.

I do know what stirs my soul.

I do know what brings myself into a piece of music.

I don’t care if its Beethoven, Ellington, Le Vent du Nord, Queen, Allman Brothers or Earth, Wind and Fire.

I know when I hear it with my toes so to speak.

Which brings me to marvel at the availability of music today.

I doubt there is a piece of recored music that isn’t finger clicks away from my ears.

Back in the day, Doug, my college roommate, would create cassette tapes of his favorite music.

To get some of his favorites, Doug would call radio stations request lines and ask for certain songs.

Then he would set up a tape recording of that station and wait, poised like a tiger, to leap and hit the record button when (and if) the song played.

Through this method and recording songs from records and other tapes, Doug would create a library tape of favorites.

The funny thing about this is that our refrigerator was on its way to dying.

Every once in a while it would kick on and as it started, the compressor or whatever would falter and all the lights in the apartment would flicker for a few seconds.

If the stereo system was on, a loud bbbbbwaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppp, would come across the sound system.

Somehow, this interference would also end up on Doug’s tapes.

We could be making one of this never ending trips back and forth to home from Ann Arbor with one of Doug’s tapes playing Styx or REO and without warning we would hear bbbbbwaaaaaaaaaaaappppppppppp.


Beethoven’s Piano Trios.

Unexpected find.

Unexpected music.

When they are over, its 20 minutes later on my commute.

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