November 27 – turkey anxiety

turkey anxiety
big enough, thaw, roast, carve, eat
all these leftovers

Each year the same anxiety.

Turkey presents such interesting problems.

Often overlooked is, will it fit in the oven?

And don’t forget that bag of stuff in the backend.

Don’t throw out the neck but save it for soup. (Oh, right)

I got rid of much of my turkey anxiety but how I view the overall operation.

My wife’s favorite part of the meal is mashed potatoes and stuffing COVERED with TURKEY GRAVY.

For me the meal prep is all about the gravy, the gravy, the gravy.

For me, the entire meal comes down to the gravy, the gravy, the gravy.

As I view it, I am just making gravy.

Gallons of turkey gravy.

The fact that the turkey gets cooked in the process along with a bunch of other dishes is incidental to my goal.

It is amazing how much less anxiety there is for me overall since I am focused on the gravy.

All my eggs are in one basket and I am watching that basket!

Somehow, it all comes off.

The Butterball Turkey people maintain a HOT LINE for those whose turkey anxiety has put them out on a ledge.

They also handle any turkey related questions.

The Butterball people have published some of their favorite queries.

One that stands out for me was from a lady who discovered a frozen turkey that was 20 years old.

She called to ask if it was still good to eat.

The Butterball people told her that as long as it had not been thawed out, it was okay.

But, since it was 20 years old, the flavor might not be the best.

The Butterball people, to their credit, did recommend that it while it was okay, it might be best if she bought a new bird.

The lady paused and then said, “You are right. I’ll donate this one to my church food drive!”

Maybe the meal is designed so that we can give thanks that it happens once a year.

But I will have a repeat performance on Christmas.

Gosh darn those Pilgrims.

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