November 23 – take 10 everyone

take 10 everyone
movies, yes, need in real life
who is in charge here?

It happens in movies and on TV where a group of people, all engaged in some effort, reach a point of confusion or performance or something and the person in charge yells, “take 10 everyone” and all work stops and everyone can go off to their own little corner and regain focus, think or just do nuthin.

I need that today.

I need someone in charge to yell ‘Take 10 Everyone” and I can go off in my corner and do nuthin.

In that 10 I also want my head to stop hurting.

My brain to stop thinking.

My stomach to stop churning.

My eyes to focus.

My knees stop aching.

My sinuses to clear up.

My sense of smell to come back.

Just for 10.

Just 10 for me myself.

10 what?

10 minutes I guess but I would settle for 10 seconds some days.

10 hours would be really nice but I won’t hold my breathe.

10 days, hmmmmmmm.

10 weeks, oh come on.

Just a short break.

But I want to be conscious of the passage of time.

I don’t want to close my eyes and have it be 10 minutes later.

I think that some people smoke so they can take a break and sit with a burning cigarette just to watch those beautiful trails of smoke go by as time passes.

Just a short break.


Who makes that call.

Who is in charge here?

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