October 19 – no guarantee made

no guarantee made
terrible or works of art
translate your vision

The quip goes, “I know art. I just don’t know what I like. That’s my problem.”

This gray Saturday morning, with Tropical Storm Nestor side swiping Georgia and turning my weekend to rain, I got to pondering over the coffee.

The Verse of the Day in my email from The Bible Gateway read, “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. ” ( Psalm 37:4 NIV )

Nearing 60 years of age, what are the desires of my heart?

On a grand scale, to survive this life and having accepted the gift of grace through Jesus Christ, look forward to eternity with God.

That out of the way, what else?

Happiness for me and my wife.


Freedom from want. (A note of this: Freedom from want was a part of FDR’s 4 freedoms:

Freedom of speech
Freedom of worship
Freedom from want
Freedom from fear

When these were presented to Josef Stalin, Stalin paused at number three and asked, does this mean ‘want’ or ‘desire’.

He was assured that it was ‘want’.)

Success and security for my children and grand children.

This pondering leads to how have I lived my life?

How will it translate.

My life wasn’t terrible.

Not sure it was a work of art.

It had beautiful moments.

Cringe worthy moments from childhood to yesterday abound.

I think about what I know of my Grand Father’s lives.

Not much really.

Makes the goal of emulating Ernie from yesterday’s post seem all too perfect.

To live a life and die with the note:

will be remembered
for his gentle, loving, and
generous nature.

That would be a work of art.

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