October 9 – throughout your lifetime

throughout your lifetime
dollar amount, property
that you have taken

Question 23 on the Gwinnett County (Georgia) Sheriff Department job application.

It reads:

23. If you had to place a dollar amount on the property that you have taken throughout your lifetime, what would that amount be? This amount should also include any theft from an employer, including, but not limited to pens, paper, other office supplies. Please provide the dollar amount below and describe the items taken. If this does not apply to you then list “N/A” as your response.

Successful candidates could receive a job offer that day, the sheriff’s office said.

Deputy sheriff jailers can start with salaries ranging from $36,451 to $41,791, depending on their education level and previous law enforcement experience.

Senior deputy sheriffs can earn a starting salary of $41,538 to $53,569, depending on the same factors.

It doesn’t say if you have to give back any of the property taken over your lifetime.

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