October 7 – hold that ideas come

hold that ideas come
by ratiocination,
is not rational

I could say that this is a comment on that rational thinking or a reason train of thought is the source of good ideas is just plain wrong.

Had Ben Franklin rationally thought out what could happen when flying a kite in thunderstorm he would not have made his discovery that lighting was electricity.

On the other hand however, NOT FLYING a kite in a thunderstorm is a good idea and had Ben made the choice not to do it base on thinking it all through rationally, that good idea would have had its source in rational thinking.

But I digress.

I could also say that my recent discovery of ZUGZWANG would deny that there are any good ideas, only some ideas that are less worse than others.

It doesn’t make any difference as any choice, any thought, will be the wrong one so be free and make any choice you want.

As sound as that is, it is also a digression.

But the real reason for today’s Haiku.

I fell for the word ratiocination.

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