October 3 – Those moments in life,

Those moments in life,
must move, but all moves are bad
yell out, zugzwang

How did I live so long and never come across this wonderful word?


It is a chess term.

It is the situation in chess where it is your turn to move.

You must make a move

You have to make a move.

And while you the move you do make does not lose the game for, it is a bad move.

In fact, you must move, but all moves, any move, you can make is a bad move.

Your only option is to make a less bad move.

At the crossroads.

The road less traveled.

The path not taken.

The sound of the different drummer.

Presented as opportunities for change.

Presented as opportunities for change for the better.

What if all the roads, paths and drum beats are opportunities to make the situation worse.

One road, path or drum beat is less worse.

It’s a zugzwang!

I have been in a zugzwang more often than not.

Had I only known there was a word for that.

Maybe a T shirt?

Maybe a Coffee Mug?

Maybe an App?

For some reason I feel better knowing there is word for this.

I can go forward with confidence.

Not hopeless, but zugzwang!

Not desperation, but zugzwang!

I can embrace this.

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