September 2 – Labor Day, New Year?

Labor Day, New Year?
More than January 1st
This when new year starts

Labor Day and New Year’s each had their parties.

New Year’s was about staying up late and then … then … go to bed.

Labor Day was the last big summer picnic with tables piled with the bounty of summer in West Michigan and cousins and aunts and uncles without number and sometimes names.

Labor Day at the Hoffman Cottage on Lake Michigan in 1964.
Grandma Hoffman and Grandpa Hendrickson in the same frame.

SO, what is new?

What changes on New Year’s Day besides the date?

On Labor Day:

Summer ends.

This by itself should make the deal.

End of summer is one of the saddest phrases in the book.

School (used to and in my book, should) starts.

From Kindergarten to College.

Is there a bigger change?

Sick with worry.

Goofy with excitement.

Football Season is all shiny with fresh hope – I used to celebrate what I called a ‘Football Weekend when my high school, college and pro team all won in the same weekend.

My high school team (Grand Rapids Creston) is no more.

My college team team is going through a bad case of Harbaugh after near fatal cases of Hoke and the Morgantown-miracle-worker.

And the Lions …

Really! When I was a kid, these weekends when all three teams won, happened more often than not.

Labor Day on my calenday has a big read circle in my mind.

A fresh start.

A blank slate.

THE New Year.

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