August 20 – drip, drip? percolate?

drip, drip? percolate?
one cup at a time? which one
need coffee
, not slops


At breakfast, Father would put down his coffee-cup in disgust and roar: “Slops! Damn it, slops! Does she call this confounded mess coffee? Isn’t there a damned soul in Westchester County who knows how to make coffee but me? I swear to God I can’t even imagine how she concocts such atrocities. I come down to this room hungry every morning, and she tries to fill me with slops! Take it away, I tell you!” he would bellow to the waitress. “Take this accursed mess away!” And while she and Delia were frantically hurrying to make a fresh pot, he would savagely devour his omelet and bacon, and declare that his breakfast was ruined.

From the movie, ‘Life with Father’

in Life with Father (1936) by Clarence Day

Kitchen counter can look like a mad scientist’s laboratory and all I want is a decent cup of coffee in the morning.


The drip coffee is reliable but the brew can be a bitter and soulless cup of ‘slops’.

The percolator has the body and richness but some days it doesn’t work right and it produces ‘slops’.

The less said about the keurig the better. One cup of ‘slops’ at a time is still a cup of ‘slops’.

Not saying I don’t like the keurig during the day but for breakfast, but for that wake up cup of HOT coffee?

No Sir.

You CAN say it is not a vacuum pump thermos of coffee that has been set out some time ago.


All I want is a rich, smooth cup of coffee that I can count on every morning.

Come down stairs, put it together and plug it in.

Back upstairs to shower.

Downstairs eager, hopeful to not being filled with ‘slops’.

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