June 25 – Traffic, like weather

Traffic, like weather,
everyone talks about it
no one does nothing

Past Spaghetti Junction, the GDOT Alert Signs warned 4 lanes blocked due to a car fire on I85 at GA400.

I85 at GA400 is also the location of my exit.

It wasn’t the best of times but it wasn’t the worst of times.

I was able to negotiate (great way to explain driving in Atlanta – you don’t drive as much as you negotiate) my way to my exit.

The last half mile took 6 minutes at 5 miles per hour.

But I got here.

From my office window I can see the traffic still stopped and hear the helicopters overhead.

Brings the joke to mind, “If you put all the cars in the world end to end what would you have?”



“Traffic Engineers can’t fix traffic, but they can spread it out over a larger area.”

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