April 27 – go forward smiling

go forward smiling
grandchildren’s art on the fridge
kickstart your wakeup

Azaria Hoffman – Easter Sunday 2019

Azaria overheard Grammy saying she needed a semi-formal dress for a June Wedding in Memphis and designed this dress for her. I was then added for balance. A small self portrait completed the work.

I remember walking through the National Gallery in Washington, DC and spotting
Renoir’s Girl with a Watering Can through a doorway and I tripped.

Seeing this work of art on the Fridge each morning has the same type of impact. Forced by means beyond my ken to stop and look and smile and feel better of the day that I am starting.

I recommend it as therapy or as a mood changing prescription for all.

PS – the Easter photos of Jaxon and Essence and family don’t hurt either.

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