March 31 – pragmatic versus

sane, pragmatic versus
those unsatisfiable

Today I hold up a mirror to reflect your thoughts on who these words embrace?

Republicans vs Democrats?

Pro wall versus no wall?

Big Ten vs. ACC?

DH versus pitchers bat?

I found the combination of these wonderful words in an article about Brexit in the Manchester Guardian Online, one of my favorites.

The author writes of Theresa May, “Where she might have endeavoured to bind together a fractured nation and forge an alliance of the sane Brexiters and the pragmatic Remainers, her language and approaches have further polarised the country and radicalised opinion on both sides. This was compounded by concentrating her energies on trying to please the unsatisfiable subset of Brexiters who wanted the most impossibilist versions of the enterprise.”

Theresa May was dealt the worst of hands and has played it spectacularly badly by Andrew Rawnsley

I encourage you to read the article, not for its content, but just for its use of language.

I want to read it out loud and applaud every “It is now so risible that thinking about it for too long risks permanent injury to your abdomen.” and ” call the hubristic snap general election in the spring of 2017, squander her majority with an atrocious campaign and then respond as if, to use one of her most notorious phrases, nothing had changed” and “Even a leader with the power to inspire of Churchill, the team-building talent of Lincoln and the capacity to heal of Mandela would have struggled.” along with “The Tory party is now preparing to find a new chief for its cannibalistic tribe.”

Oh how I hate twitter and 140 characters. Mr Mencken, where are you.


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