January 30 – Snow? OH! Snow! No go!

Snow? OH! Snow! No go!
Snow no show so go, Go, GO!
No ice for JoJo.

A tribute to my good friend, Photog JoJo Johnson (The Great), who spent 3 hours this morning in the 11Alive Storm Tracker searching, unsuccessfully, for ice anywhere in Atlanta. Warnings for storms had been broadcast for days and everyone was advised to stay home. Come the morning of the storm and not a flake to be seen. I arrived at the station the same time as JoJo was pulling in, driving the 11Alive Storm Tracker. He had one disgusted look on his face as he told he had been out since 4AM looking for ice to show in the morning news. I could tell you what he told me, but this is a family blog.

I admit got a little too Dr. Suessy on this one but I am fascinated with the use of one syllable words.

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