January 30 – Snow? OH! Snow! No go!

Snow? OH! Snow! No go!
Snow no show so go, Go, GO!
No ice for JoJo.

A tribute to my good friend, Photog JoJo Johnson (The Great), who spent 3 hours this morning in the 11Alive Storm Tracker searching, unsuccessfully, for ice anywhere in Atlanta. Warnings for storms had been broadcast for days and everyone was advised to stay home. Come the morning of the storm and not a flake to be seen. I arrived at the station the same time as JoJo was pulling in, driving the 11Alive Storm Tracker. He had one disgusted look on his face as he told he had been out since 4AM looking for ice to show in the morning news. I could tell you what he told me, but this is a family blog.

I admit got a little too Dr. Suessy on this one but I am fascinated with the use of one syllable words.

Haiku for You – January 25 – Sunlight in my eyes

Sunlight in my eyes

Shining bright, behind my head

Blinded by mirrors

Inspired by the light of the raising sun coming up behind me but still hitting me full in the face thanks to the rear view mirror in my car.

When I got to work, that same rising sun was reflecting off the towers of Buckhead and into my office, even though my office faces north.


January 24 – Sun Rain Cold Sleet Snow

Sun Rain Cold Sleet Snow
You Love It and Yet Hate It
Snow Warm Sleet Rain Sun

This is the first Haiku. Wellllll, not really. The first one, inspired, by facebook postings from friends up north on how beautiful they felt the snow fall was (this was a few weeks before a storm with week long power outages). The VERY first post was:

Sun Rain Cold Sleet Cold Snow Snow

Love It, Yet Hate It

Snow Snow Warm Sleet Warm Rain Sun

As you will notice, I had the pattern off and went, 7 – 5 – 7 but most people were too polite to point this out.

January 23 – The ageing process?

The ageing process?
old do have sense of humor
… cruelty does not

Ok Boomer!

I have mixed feelings.

As an end-of-the-line boomer who missed the Beatles, Hippies and landed smack dab in Disco, I am offended, somewhat.

Am I surprised?

Former Speaker of the House Thomas B. Reed, famously said to Theodore Roosevelt, “What I most admire about you, Theodore, is your original discovery of the Ten Commandments.”

It’s our turn, in other words.

But was it this cruel?

This mean spirited?

In this morning’s Guardian, writes, “No one particularly wants to get old, however preferable it is to the alternative: an early death. What’s striking is that the prejudice against the elderly is the only bigotry directed at the inevitable future of the bigot. Few misogynists, I imagine, fear that they eventually will turn into women, nor do racists worry that the passing decades will radically alter their ethnicity and the color of their skin. But the young will get old, if they’re lucky. Meanwhile they might consider the fact that ageing is challenging enough without one’s being mocked and derided for having experienced a natural process that no medical or cosmetic intervention can ultimately prevent.”

January 19 – prelapsarian

how long the moment between

It was the words that caught my attention.



Odd that as I self professed Calvinist, I don’t remember coming across these words before.

They refer to the time before the Fall, or lapse of Adam and the time after.

As the old rhyme went, “In Adam’s Fall, we sinned all.”

Prelapsarian or period of innocence before the Fall of man was innocent, unspoiled.

Whether or not people agree with the theology, this current era is neither innocent nor unspoiled.

The story of the Garden of Eden as told in the Book of Genesis has several parts.

I got to thinking at which part does the ‘lapse’ take place.

When was the ‘point of no return’ or ‘no going back?’