1.31.2023 – Some Somewhere where I

Some Somewhere where I
know I’ll someday go – finally
I’ll go Some Somewhere

From this bizarre book I am reading right now titled, The Great Glorious Goddamn of It All, a novel by Josh Ritter.

Hard to even describe the book or what is about but it is … interesting.

It’s basically about lumbering in Idaho at the end of 19th century.

Early in the book, the song Some Somewhere is introduced.

The first line of the song is:

Some Somewhere there are mountains topped with snow,
Some Somewhere where the wildflowers grow,
Some Somewhere where I know I’ll someday go,
When I finally go Some Somewhere.

When I drove to the Island this morning, the fog was so thick I felt I was going to some somewhere.

I was going somewhere.

Some Somewhere.

I am not sure where some somewhere is but it isn’t here.

Some Somewhere.

BTW – This is the same view in the sunshine.

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