1.18.2023 – sun shone, salt glittered

sun shone salt glittered
like tinsel the wind tousled
the sea prettily

Adapted from:

Prepared for a slice of heroic adventure, they found themselves in the middle of a floating vicarage garden fete .

The sun shone.

The salt in the air glittered like tinsel In the enclosed water of the Solent, the stiffish southerly wind did no more than prettily tousle the sea.

Though I had made an important fuss of laying compass courses on the chart and calculating tidal streams, there was no navigation, since everyone could see exactly where everywhere was.

There was no solitude, either.

There was hardly any room at all in which to move.

From the book Coasting by Jonathan Raban

Jonathan Raban, the British travel writer, critic and novelist known for his candid accounts of travelling the world in books such as Passage to Juneau and Coasting, has died aged 80, his agent has confirmed.

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