12.21.2022 -rather win ugly

rather win ugly
than lose pretty – no Lions fan
feels comfortable

As any of my regular readers (bless their hearts) know, I start my day with the Guardian Newspaper of Manchester, GB and the New York Times (at least I do when I remember to renew my free three day account through my library).

This morning, both papers had articles about the Detroit Lions!

The Guardian has a story headlined, From sad sacks to contenders: How the Lions became the talk of the NFL where a Mr. Dave Caldwell writes, “Goff said in a postgame news conference, “You’d rather win ugly than lose pretty. There were times earlier in the year when we were winning pretty in certain situations, and then kind of letting it fall away from us towards the end, and I think that’s totally flipped to where we’re at now. We’ve won some games recently pretty handily, but we’ve also won some close games, and won some games on the road close that we had to pull out and things had to go our way at the end.

“Is it going our way, or are we making a play? I lean toward making a play, whether it was a sack on that last drive, or just things we did up front, we’re starting to learn how to win and how to win consistently in close games in tough environments. And yeah, it’s a good, mature team now.”

The New York Times has a story, NFL Power Rankings: Jaguars rise, join Lions as ex-doormats with playoff hopes by Bo Wulf who writes, The wildest weekend of the NFL season included the biggest comeback in league history, two ho-hum comebacks of 17 points, a potentially season-changing injury for a Super Bowl favorite, and probably the dumbest play since the invention of the game.

There won’t be any kneecaps left in the Detroit metro area if Dan Campbell’s Lions are able to pull off this rally to the playoffs. After Jared Goff hit Brock Wright — a real high-water mark season for Brocks leaguewide — for a 51-yard game-winning touchdown to beat the Jets, Detroit has a 57.6 percent chance of making the playoffs, according to Mock’s projections.

Do I believe?


What do I believe?

Believe me, you don’t want to ask.

Mr. Wulf closed his comments with a caveat on the Lions.

(BTW remember how in the BOOK, Gone with the Wind, Scarlett wanted a new name for her store she acquired by marrying Frank Kennedy? Rhett Butler suggested the name “CAVEAT EMPTORIUM” and Scarlett liked it so much she had a sign made. Then Ashely Wilkes translated the sign for her. But I digress.)

Mr. Wulf writes: Its schedule the rest of the way looks there for the taking, but there isn’t a Lions fan alive who feels comfortable.

And if they don’t pull it off, well, there might not be any Lions fans alive.

Well well well.

Entirely agree that there isn’t a Lion’s fan alive who feels comfortable.

That easy enough to say as there isn’t a Lion’s fan alive who EVER felt comfortable.

But the idea that if they don’t pull it off, well, there might not be any Lions fans alive.

Cannot say I agree with that one bit.

Because they always play next year.

Honolulu Blue forever!

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